lunedì 6 maggio 2019

the Paititi kingdom

Treating a case as complex as that inherent in Paititi a premise is a must: one can not speak of a single city as it is the search for an entire kingdom.
In fact my personal research starts from a site discovered between 2006 and 2008: the lost citadel of Miraflores.Owning the coordinates of the archaeological
site I used google earth to check if it was possible to see it from a satellite. if so, I would have been able to see even the largest city.
In doing so, I used remote sensing to beat the national parks of Manu and Megantoni by identifying some quadrangular structures of which one perfectly matches the design of Blas Valera, the Jesuit who apparently reached the kingdom
Among other things I could see how these structures seem oriented similarly.this means that the origin of these squares can be traced back to a single hand; if we bear in mind that the larger structure is oriented exactly like the city of Cuzco it is obvious how the Inca's hand is the only valid option.

the citadel of Miraflores
site orientation
the structure is obvious

site orientation

In the megantoni national prask I have identified two structures

the orientation is opposite to the previous case

the largest possible city
lama in dios
cuzco: 1200a.d.

there are other structures adjacent to the city due to paititi