martedì 12 giugno 2018

Manoa or Eldorado. new research elements

In my research about the location of Manoa, the legendary Eldorado, I noticed four quadrangular anomalies in the Venezuelan forest. Processing some different satellite images by acquisition date and resolution, it emerged that such anomalies are present in all the images taken into consideration.
This is a clue that highlights the fact that
there may be buried structures that disturb the normal growth of the tree vegetation.
These sites have an average extension of between 30 and 60 hectares, apart from  one of  3.6  square kilometers.
Taking into account that most of the ancient structures are astronomically oriented, I have checked whether this anomaly was too. Having said affirmative it can be affirmed that it is the perfect candidate to be the legendary lost city that many have tried in vain.
The site requires the appropriate checks. through the use of the l.i.d.a.r. or by making an exploratory expedition on the site.

satellite images, processing and geographic coordinates


5°37'06.87"N 66°15'27.29"W

42,8 ha


5°34'01.62"N 66°01'00.66"W

20,1 ha


5°39'04.39"N 66°02'26.70"W

59,7 ha


5°41'13.84"W 62°33'38.38"W

3,6  square kilometers


azimuth         height of the horizon
8.6°  +-0.25           6.5°
66.01°   "            1.26°
97.8°    "           -0.24°
128.67°  "            2.12°
188.6°   "             7.7°
246.01°  "            4.06°
277.8°   "            1.91°
308.67°  "           -0.02°

statistical calculation of probability of randomness of azimuths

8.6 & 188.6

66.01 & 246.01

97.8 & 277.8

188.67 & 308.67

astronomical alignments detected

66.01° sun rising at the June solstice

246.01° sun setting at the December solstice

277.8°Altair's acronical sunset at the June solstice
          Altair's heliacal sunset at the December solstice 

308.67° Vega's acronical sunset  at the June solstice
             Vega's  heliacal sunset  at the December solstice 

tatistical calculation for sites with multiple alignments

that is, the probability that at least 1 alignment is random is even

at 0.00014400912%

if the site turned out to be a city it would be dated to 600 AD with a gap of 300 years